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I would like to thank you for your interest in joining our emergency response team. We are one of the best trained, certified and equipped volunteer fire and emergency medical service organization in the State of Iowa. Our team is built on dedication and commitment to helping our community. We will not mislead you. Being an Epworth Fire Department volunteer is a tough job, however, it can be one of the most gratifying jobs by helping your family, friends, neighbors and community in their greatest time of need.
Enclosed in this packet is a copy of our constitution and by-laws, a job description, application and an information sheet that explains the process to become a probationary member of the Epworth Fire Department. As you look through the information you will see our name listed as the Epworth Community Volunteer Firemen, Epworth Emergency Services or the Epworth Fire Department. They all mean one and the same. We are one professional volunteer organization that provides fire suppression, emergency medical services ambulance transport, and rescue service to 78 square miles in central Dubuque County.
If you have any questions during the application process, please feel free to contact myself or Assistant Chief Ronnie Kramer. We appreciate your interest in our organization and we hope you will seriously consider returning the application and joining our team.

Your application can be returned to the Fire Department, City Hall, Ronnie or myself. We hope to hear from you soon and we look forward to you becoming an Epworth Fire Department Volunteer!


Job Description and Member Requirements
The intent of this information is to provide the firefighter and EMS member a set of essential job functions, training requirements, recommendations for promotion and other related topics. Each candidate, prior to appointment to the department, needs to satisfactory complete a medical physical to determine if a person is capable of safely performing these tasks in their current physical condition.
The following information was gathered from various sources, including the National Fire Prevention Association Standard 1582, Appendix C and the Iowa Municipal Workers Compensation Association.
Job Summary
Respond to calls for service for the fire department. Provide emergency care or support at the scene of an accident or injury. Answer fire/rescue calls and extinguish fires and performs tasks involved in cleaning and maintaining fire and EMS equipment, apparatus and buildings. Complete administrative work as required and assigned. Performs work at the direction of the Fire Chief and other officers.
Essential Job Requirements of all Firefighters / EMS Member
The following may be physical and other requirements of all members of the Epworth Fire Department. The fire chief may place personal limits on any member of the department on an individual basis, limiting them to light duty and/or not allowing them to partake in specific evolutions. Failure to meet the requirements below does not necessarily eliminate the member from service.   However it may limit the duties assigned at an incident scene. Essential job requirements are as follows:
  • Adherence to the Constitution, Bi-laws, Policy/Procedure Manual, and obedience at all functions is the main priority of a member of this department
  • Administers and assists with the administration of patient care at a scene of a medical emergency or other emergency scene
  • Inspects, maintains, and prepares station, vehicles, equipment and supplies
  • Complete proper paperwork including State reports and patient care reports
Essential Job Requirements of all Firefighters / EMS Member (Continued)
  • Participates in department sponsored community relation and public education events
  • Attend mandatory training and education events, classes and conferences
  • All members are expected to report to the station in a safe and orderly manner when notified of an incident. Members must carry their pager and/or radio with them at all times, in order to be notified of an incident. 
  • All members are expected to take orders and carry out objectives as assigned by the officers or senior personnel of the department as outlined by the chain of command.
  • Participate in at least two fund raising events of the fire department each year to include preparation, operation and clean up of the event
  • Extract, lift and carry patients with or without the aid of ropes, hose lines, safety harnesses, rescue carries, etc.
  • Occasionally push, pull, lift and carry over 100 pounds.
  • Wear personal protective equipment weighing approximately 50-70 pounds while performing fire-fighting tasks.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with co-workers, supervisors, and the public, both orally and in writing.
  • Understand and follow oral and written instructions and work within the Epworth Fire Department Incident Management System.
  • Work in all types of weather conditions.
  • Face potential exposure to hazardous substances such as asbestos, hydrogen cyanide, hydrochloric acid, etc. through inhalation or contact; noise levels over 90 decibels; and other potential hazards.
  • Perform job functions while adapting to surroundings, which could include extreme heights, uneven or slippery walking surfaces, limited visibility and confined spaces.
  • Work in areas where exposure to burn injuries, smoke, dust, and radiation hazards are possible.
  • Must be able to tolerate extreme fluctuations in temperature and perform physically demanding tasks in extreme heat, over 400 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity up to 100%, while wearing personal protective equipment, including a self-contained breathing apparatus. 1
  • Make rapid transition from rest to near maximal exertion without warm-up periods.1
  • Must have ability to work well under pressure including making critical decisions in life threatening situations.
  • Perform other duties as instructed and assigned by the Chief or his designee
1 This information taken directly from the National Fire Prevention Association, Standard 1582, Appendix C.
Training Requirements
The following training standards will apply to each level of the fire department and EMS membership. There are also certain requirements and recommendations listed under each level to be used during promotions within the department.
1.                  Within 3 years of appointment complete and be certified as a Firefighter 1.
2.                  Complete the Incident Management System / Unified Command Course and be familiar with the Epworth Fire Department IMS/ICS Standard Operating Guideline
3.                  Complete the Hazardous Material Operations Level Training
4.                  After the year probation period and upon selection to active membership, EMT-Basic certification is encouraged and advancing to the Paramedic Level is strongly encouraged.
5.                  Firefighter II Certification is highly recommended.
6.                  Confined Space Rescue Awareness is required.
7.                  All members must be involved in the Epworth Fire Department physical fitness program and other programs related to the Fire Act Grant of 2002.
8.                  Compliance with the Respiratory Protection Policy.
EMS Member (Must be certified to at least EMT-B prior to application)
1.                  Maintain an EMS certification level of at least an EMT-Basic.
2.                  Complete the Incident Management System / Unified Command Course and be familiar with the Epworth Fire Department IMS/ICS S.O.G.
3.                  Complete the Hazardous Material Awareness Level Training
4.                  Attend the 4th Monday Night EMS Certification Class and all other special classes regarding EMS.
5.                  Confined Space Rescue Awareness is required.
6.                  Paramedic level training or equivalent is highly recommended.

Driver / Operator
1.                  All requirements of the Firefighter as listed above.
2.                  Driver / Operators will be appointed by the Fire Chief after completing the requirements of the “Epworth Fire Department Driver/Operator Manual” and after showing competence in the operation of all vehicles of the fire department
3.                  Attend a Pump Class as offered by the Fire Department, Community College or Fire Service Training Bureau
4.                  Complete the Fire Service Training Bureau’s Driver/Operator Course and members are encouraged to pass the certification test.
5.                  Completing the Darley Pump School Class is strongly encouraged to give the Driver/Operator a better working knowledge of the fire pump.
6.                  All Driver/Operators are encouraged to have a valid CDL, however, the fire service is exempt from requiring members to have a CDL for emergencies.
1.                  All requirements of the Firefighter as listed above.
2.                  Driver/Operator status is preferred
3.                  Firefighter II Certification is required after July 1, 2003.
4.                  Fire Officer 1 training is recommended
5.                  Instructor 1 Certification is recommended.
6.                  Attendance of at least one outside fire or EMS school is encouraged annually.
7.                  Attendance of the Fire Command Operations at the National Fire Academy is highly recommended.
1.                  All requirements of the Lieutenant as listed above.
2.                  Fire Officer 1 training is highly recommended.
3.                  Fire/EMS Instructor 1 is highly recommended.
Assistant Chief
1.                  All requirements of the Captain and Driver/Operator as listed above.
2.                  Fire Officer 1 training is required for any appointments after July 1, 2003
3.                  Fire/EMS Instructor is required for any appointments after July 1, 2003
Fire Chief
1.                  All requirements of the Assistant Chief
2.                  Fire Officer 1 Certification.
3.                  Attendance of the following National Fire Academy Volunteer Incentive Program Courses:
a.       Leadership and Administration
b.      Fire Command Operations
c.       Any other NFA Courses as offered are highly recommended


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