Epworth Fire Department conducts live fire training exercise
By EMT/Firefighter Kyle Gansen
October 25, 2021

It has been a busy month for Epworth Fire Department members. On Saturday October 23rd, members from the EFD trained for the 3rd straight week at a farm house on the Monastery property off of McAndrews RD. During a series of evolutions, members from the EFD, Bernard Fire and Farley Fire took turns participating in live fire drills. Fire Drills consisted of fire behavior, fire flow path, hose line advancement and pump operations. Drills started about 7:30am. Live drills were stopped about 9:45am and the house was completely burned to the ground by 11AM. EFD members stayed on the grounds for an additional two hours while other EFD members completed a work detail at the EFD.

The EFD would like to send a special thanks to Fr. Stephen, Fr. Ephraim and all of the New Melleray Abbey community for the donation of the house. EFD would also like to thank the members of the Bernard Fire Dept and the Farley Fire Department for participating in the training exercise and providing the Dubuque County Fire Associations Air Trailer. Lastly, a special thanks to Frank and Lorna Domitrovich and the EFD spouses for provide a delicious meal after the event.