In Memory of Dr. Mark Singsank
By Chief Thomas Berger
September 4, 2018

The longtime Medical Director of the Epworth Fire Department EMS passed away on August 31st, 2018. Dr. Mark Singsank provided medical direction and guidance to to the Epworth Fire Department Ambulance Service for 25 years, shortly after his arrival at Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque in 1985. Mark was instrumental in advancing the department to become certified at the Paramedic level in the late 1980's and worked with the administration and staff at Mercy Medical Center to ensure they were offering programs which allowed volunteers throughout the tri-state to gain certification with evening and weekend classes. Dr. Singsank was very close with former Epworth Fire Chief's Dan McDermott and Tom Hancock, often meeting and visiting about how they could improve emergency services in the rural areas. Dr. Singsank was selected for honorary membership in the Epworth Fire Department for his contributions to the ambulance service. He is one of only two individuals the department recognized with honorary membership status without being an active member of the fire department. Mark was also inducted into the Dubuque County EMS Association Star of Life in 2016 which recognizes individuals who made significant contributions to improving EMS in Dubuque County. We thank Mark for his contributions to our organization as well as the many other organizations in the tri-state area that he helped along the way.